You wouldn't know it here in Ottawa, but it is April and Spring is here. I swear I saw a purple crocus in the backyard last week although now it is under a foot of snow. Next week the temperature is forecast to rise to the high teens!

In years past, I have participated in several spring shows such as OVCC Vibrant, MAC Blooms, Love Handmade, Handmade Harvest and the Glebe Jewelry Show. It was fun, but chaotic as it coincides with many family events and birthdays which I couldn't not participate fully in. Part of the reason I wished to explore the lifestyle of an artist is to reclaim my schedule and family life.

That being the case, I have decided this spring to focus more on promoting my current work through social media, accepting custom work, and exploring new ways of showcasing sea glass artistically. I will still do a few shows in the Fall but much fewer than in previous years so that I can channel my energy as productively as possible.

As always, I enjoy your sea glass stories and always happy to discuss how to transform your sea glass treasures into wearable art or some other expression of your coastal memories.