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Kristina Rudnitski, Designer
Kristina Rudnitski, Designer of SeaCycledGlass Jewelry & Accessories

SeaCycledGlass Jewelry and Accessories are handmade in Ottawa by me, Kristina Rudnitski. I am an environmentalist and artist, living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Being Eco and Chic are both important to me and are in no way mutually exclusive! My professional background relates to environmental science and international chemicals policy. My passion is grounded in combining the arts and science of sustainable living through environmentally responsible design. For the past 20 years, I have explored various media to express my passion including stained glass, oil painting, building my studio in the urban woods, feng shui, and now sea glass jewelry.

Looking around my studio I realized that I could elevate my many mason jars full of sea glass into necklaces, earrings, bookmarks, all sorts of pieces that I could use in every day. Lifting each sea glass treasure out of its jar, sorting them by color, brought back the feeling of the ocean breeze on my face, the color of the sand at low tide, the grey and white granite rocks and the beige driftwood.

Cape Breton,, Nova Scotia
Cape Breton,, Nova Scotia

 During one of my trips to the art store I came across the jewelry aisle. So many pretty, shiny, silver things that I knew would set off the sea glass beautifully. After playing around with various designs, I have developed a line of sea glass jewelry that I am proud to wear to the office, out for date night, or - anywhere, really!

Green SeaCycledGlass Jewelry
Green SeaCycledGlass Jewelry

The idea is to tip toe towards my dream of living the creative life, following the footprints I have left on sandy shores. My plan is to sell both sea glass jewelry and my paintings locally through art shows, select retail outlets and through a web presence.


About SeaCycledGlass Jewelry & Accessories

Each piece of SeaCycledGlass jewelry is handmade by me from genuine sea glass that I have collected from the beach. I use mostly sterling silver as this complements sea glass beautifully. My designs are contemporary, modernist, and whimiscal.

 Beachcoming in New Zealand

All sea glass used in my work has been collected from the beach by myself, or family and friends so I can guarantee that it is genuine sea glass. Each piece is unique - the salt water of the ocean and the scrubbing action of the tides against the shore has imprinted its story on glass that was once tossed away. The sea glass is the jewelry has not been modified in any way to enhance its finish - what you see is how the glass has been shaped by nature. The only alteration is when I use a diamond bit to drill a hole in the sea glass to construct a piece of jewelry.

When designing a piece of sea glass jewelry, I try to tell the story of the sea glass after researching its color, markings, and size. Each piece of jewelry is custom designed to bring out the beauty of the sea glass.

Lime Green Sea Glass

Earrings are carefully matched to create a complementary pair. Any findings, beads, charms, or wire work is chosen to accentuate the inherent beauty of the glass and remains a minimal accent. Wire work is performed with care, to minimize markings, and filed to a smooth finish. I use mostly sterling silver and silver plate as these metallic tones tend to complement sea glass best. All the metal used is nickel-free as nickel can cause irritation for people with sensitive skin.

SeaCycledGlass Earrings
SeaCycledGlass Earrings

Eco-chic designs with a touch a sparkle means that SeaCycledGlass jewelry works for special occasions - think beach wedding! - or any day when you need to feel special, say at the office, coffee shop, or drinks out on the town.They appeal to a clientele who appreciate the beach, a sense of history, the story behind sea glass, or simply pretty jewelry. Because the designs range from classic to modern, you can find the perfect gift for your daughter, daughter-in-law, niece, sister, friend, mother, or grandmother, or *yourself*!

Nova Scotia SeaCycledGlass Pendant & Earring Set
Nova Scotia SeaCycledGlass Pendant & Earring Set


About Genuine Sea Glass

  • originates from glass that has been through into the sea
  • found on rocky coastlines
  • naturally weathered by salt water and wave action
  • becoming rare as glass has been replaced by plastic and people recycle glass more
  • considered a semi-precious stone by jewelry designers

The most highly prized - and rare - colors of sea glass are red and cobalt blue.

Cobalt blue sea glass
Cobalt blue sea glass

Green, brown and white sea glass are easiest to find as bottles continue to be manufactured in these colors.


Antique and Vintage Bottles
Antique and Vintage Bottles

About You!

Wear your love for the beach on your sleeve – or over your heart! Recall your time beach-combing by wearing SeaCycledGlass jewelry.... Ocean breeze through your hair, the lure of the next tide pool, fog hugging the far shore...

Perhaps you have some sea glass from a fabulous trip that you would like to see transformed into matching earrings and necklace? I welcome custom work. Get in touch with me - I would be thrilled to chat about such a project with you.

Sea glass collected from the beach
Sea glass collected from the beach

Please contact me if you are interested in more information, or leave a comment! I appreciate you dropping by to visit!



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Jewelry Designer: Kristina Rudnitski

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Tel: 1.613.725.SGLS (7457)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seacycledglass

Website: www.SeaCycledGlass.com

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