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Facts About Genuine Sea Glass

  • Originates from glass that has been thrown into the sea
  • Found on rocky coastlines
  • Naturally weathered by salt water and wave action
  • Becoming rare as glass has been replaced by plastic and people recycle glass more
  • Considered a semi-precious stone by jewelry designers



SeaCycledGlass Jewelry and Accessories are handmade in Ottawa ON Canada by the designer, Kristina Rudnitski. Each piece is one of kind as the sea glass has been collected from the beach.

The sea glass in your jewelry has not been modified in any way to enhance its finish – what you see is how the glass has been shaped by nature.


Colors and History

The most highly prized – and rare – colors of sea glass are red and cobalt blue. These colors of glass were expensive to manufacture so containers in these colors were produced in small quantities. Historically, cobalt was used in medicine bottles. Red bottles were used for some spirits and luxury objects. Green, brown or amber, and clear colorless sea glass  - which weathers to white - are the easiest to find as bottles continue to be manufactured in these colors.

More detailed info is available in the 'Colors' section of the Main Menu, on the right hand side of the screen.



Rocky beaches that are near historic human settlements, frequented by shipping traffic, are the best places to look for sea glass.  The supply of glass and the geography of the region both contribute to a distinctive palette of glass.  SeaCycledGlass comes from several locations:

South Shore, Nova Scotia, Canada

·       Rare pieces of patterned pottery, old bottles, jars

·       Mix of textures, markings

Sydney (region), Nova Scotia, Canada

·       Very rare pieces of cobalt, aqua

·       Very weathered, rounded

Northern California, USA

·       Exceptionally rare pieces of red, orange; also yellow, blue

·       Mix of textures, markings, bonfire glass, safety glass

North Island, New Zealand

·       Rare pieces of koura shell

·       Mix of textures, some exceptionally weathered

 Always looking for more!



There are no two ways about it, handmade one of a kind pieces cost more than production pieces manufactured in bulk in factories oversees. When you are buying handmade, you are buying an expression of joy and passion. It is unique. It will tell a story. It is a dialogue between you and an artist.

Several factors are considered in setting a fair price that is both fair to the customer and to the creator:

  • rarity and condition of the sea glass
  • cost, quantity and quality of materials
  • time and expertise required to create
  • design work
  • overhead: studio space, marketing, booth fees, web hosting, utilities, etc.
  • sales fees levied by the marketplace / place of business & transaction fees for credit cards or PayPal
  • taxes, location of customer and point of sale
  • shipping, handling and packaging
  • exchange rates
  • sustainable profit margin
  • custom requests
  • value & affordability

Balancing all of these factors is an art in and unto itself. I continue to refine my processes and supplies to minimize expenses where possible to deliver a quality products at a variety of price points.

Please note that prices posted online are approximate. Sale price is a function of platform and point of sale so there may be variation depending on location and nature of the transaction. Prices may change without notice.


Payment Methods

I accept payment by cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and e-transfer. Provincial sales taxes are assessed on all purchases. The prices posted at shows are inclusive of local provincial taxes. Prices posted on-line are subject to tax, shipping. Any customs or brokerage fees are incurred by the customer.



A variety of shipping methods are offered through CanadaPost so the customer can select their preferred combination of price and delivery options. The least expensive within Canada is Lettermail. If you require tracking, insurance, or faster delivery, there are other options available at a higher cost. Service standards quoted are those from CanadaPost. Lettermail is reliable but I cannot guarantee service on behalf of CanadaPost. Please select another shipping method with tracking and insurance if you have concerns.

Any customs or brokerage fees are understood to be incurred by the customer.

To minimize the chance of damage during shipping, I package in tissue paper and bubble wrap or bubble mailer. Depending on the size of the order, I may use another CanadaPost package delivery service.


Refunds & Exchanges

I strive to design and create a quality product which I package with care for shipping. Depending on the shipping method selected by the customer, CanadaPost will insure the value of the shipment. That said, I want you to feel confident that you are going to receive what you paid for in good condition so if your package arrives damaged, please email me to discuss a resolution.

Likewise, if your product is defective or does not meet your expectations, please contact me to discuss a resolution. Depending on the concern and the timeframe, SeaCycledGlass may offer to repair or exchange the item provided that the customer arranges for shipping.


Care Tips

I proudly stand behind the quality of my SeaCycledGlass pieces. To keep them looking their best, please treat them with care as you would with your other pieces of fine jewelry. Here are a few points to consider:

#1   ****  Remove your necklace or pendant before going to bed at night ****

While I can guarantee that the necklaces and pendants can hold up to normal daytime use, the pressure of lying on the sea glass may result in the sea glass breaking off from the metal attachment.

I am always trying out new adhesives to find the strongest bond that clears dry and am currently testing some new epoxies; I may find one that can withstand greater pressure. In the meantime, please treat your necklace or pendant with care and take it off before going to sleep.

#2 To polish sterling silver, please use a silver cloth and buff to restore shine. The silver plated pieces should not tarnish, but should they dull, buff gently with a silver cloth.

#3 Where the sea glass has been drilled, you may wish to inspect that any connector rings or attachment points remain closed and secure. These connections should remain secure under normal use. Pulling, tugging or snagging may cause some connections to loosen so if this happens, you should check to see that the rings are closed and connections are tight.

#4 Water will not damage the sea glass.


Custom or Commission Work

Please contact me if there if you wish to discuss a custom order. Maybe you have some of your own sea glass that you are interested in having made up into matching earrings and necklace? Let's chat!

Thanks for taking the time to visit,

Kristina Rudnitski


Contact Info

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: 1.613.725.SGLS (7457)

Website: www.seacycledglass.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/seacycledglass

Etsy: http://seacycledglass.etsy.com

Twitter: @kdrudnitski