Our Story

About the Designer

Kristina Rudnitski

SeaCycledGlass Jewelry and Accessories are handmade in Ottawa by me, Kristina Rudnitski. I am an artist, jewelry designer, environmentalist and love shiny, pretty things. Being Eco and Chic are both important to me and are in no way mutually exclusive! My passion is combining the art and science of sustainable living.

My professional background relates to environmental science and international chemicals policy. My passion is grounded in combining the arts and science of sustainable living through environmentally responsible design. For the past 20 years, I have explored various media to express my passion including stained glass, oil painting, building my studio in the urban woods, feng shui, and now sea glass jewelry.

How SeaCycledGlass Began

Looking around my studio,  I realized that I had many mason jars full of sea glass decorating my windowsills. They captured the sunlight beautifully, but how else could I enjoy them? Given their jewel-like colors, I thought, 'Hey! This green sea glass looks just like emeralds - I can make a gorgeous pair of earrings with it!!'

Lifting each sea glass treasure out of its jar, sorting them by color, brought back the feeling of the ocean breeze on my face, the color of the sand at low tide, the grey and white granite rocks and the beige driftwood.

During one of my trips to the art store I came across the jewelry aisle. So many pretty, shiny, silver things that I knew would set off the sea glass beautifully. After playing around with various designs, I have developed a line of sea glass jewelry that I am proud to wear to the office, out for date night, or - anywhere, really!