Evocative, Chic, Eco

Find the perfect gift for beach lovers, fashionistas, and the eco-conscious alike!

All sea glass used in my work has been collected from the beach by myself, family or friends so I can guarantee that it is genuine and not altered in any way.

Each piece is unique - the salt water of the ocean and the scrubbing action of the tides against the shore has imprinted its story on the glass that was once tossed away.

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  • Hand Forged

    Premier line of rings and pendants completely crafted by hand with Sterling silver

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  • Heaven on Earth

    A nod to the lucky coin, the square earth element in the heavenly sphere, this design evokes being at the powerful edge of the ocean

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  • Mermaid's Tears

    The tears mermaids cry for souls lost at sea are said to become sea glass

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