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Heaven on Earth Earrings - Aqua Sea Glass from Sidney, British Columbia, Canada and Sterling Silver

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This design evokes the Chinese 'Heaven on Earth' symbol of the lucky coin which features a square hole in the centre that refers to the Earth within a round circle that represents Heaven.

In my interpretation, Heaven on Earth brings you to the powerful place at the ocean's edge, where you feel both energized and at peace. It references the notion of the endless power of the Nature to transform and elevate humankind as shown by how what was discarded is transformed to a revered material, sea glass. The sea glass at the centre of the design is the Earth element within an organic Heavenly circle. The texture of the circle evokes nautical ropes, kelp forests and garlands of seaweed.

I collected the pale aqua colored sea glass from a beach near Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. The aqua color is similar to aquamarine. It is one of the harder to find colors so is offered at a higher price point than the green version of this design.

The circle and jump rings are 925 Sterling silver. The earring hook wire is hypoallergenic nickel and lead-free silver plate so it is strong, light and comfortable to wear even if you have sensitive skin. There is a ribbed plastic safety clutch to prevent the earring from accidentally falling out.

Each set of earrings are one-of-a-kind. The earrings dangle approx 3.5 cm or 1.25".