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Cufflinks with amber brown sea glass from Northern California on silver plate mounts

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These cufflinks are a great gift for men of distinction. Beach wedding? Perfect. Land locked in a cubicle and need to remember what it's like stroll oceanside? Priceless.

My husband collected the sea glass from a beach in Northern Califonia. This is genuine sea glass - I have not tumbled, sanded or otherwise altered what the sea has already transformed. Amber or brown glass continues to be manufactured today for mostly beer bottles. The sea glass in this pair of cufflinks is clearly from the top of a beer bottle as you can still see the ridges where the cap would go. The salt water chemically weathers to glass to produce a frosted appearance over time.

The cufflink mount is a nickel-free silver plate which is suitable for sensitive skin (hypo-allergenic). The glass is attached with epoxy which is very strong. Dimensions: approx 2 cm or .75 in in diameter at its widest point.