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Heaven on Earth Earrings - Green sea glass from Sidney, British Columbia with Sterling Silver Ovals on a nickle-free hook

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These striking earrings evoke the Ancient Chinese symbolism of Heaven and Earth in a modernist way. You may recall lucky Chinese pennies with the square (Earth) hole in the middle of a round (Heaven) coin. In this design, the Sterling silver oval references Heaven and the notion of the endless power of the ocean to transform and elevate humankind - the waste glass transformed into something precious, sea glass.

I love the organic shape of the sea glass encircled by the silver oval. More than a symbol of luck, I see it as a symbol of the power of Nature to redeem.

The green sea glass was collected from a beach near Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.

The glass is attached via a Sterling silver jump ring to a hypoallergenic nickel free silver plated earring wire. I've tested many earring wires and love these because they are thin but strong, light and comfortable to wear, and do not cause my sensitive skin any distress. There are clear ribbed plastic safety clutches included to keep your earrings safe from falling out accidentally.

Each piece of jewelry is one of a kind, as no two pieces of sea glass are alike. When creating a pair of earrings, I carefully select complementary colors and shapes of sea glass that look pleasing together but they will never be identical to each other, and I feel that is what makes them so charming.

The earrings are approximately 4.5 cm, 2 3/4" long and 1.5 cm, 5/8" wide and hang to about the bottom of the jaw bone.