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Shoreline Pendant - Aqua sea glass from Croatia with smooth triangular Sterling silver bail, on a boxchain

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This is a lovely pendant featuring a large smooth aqua green color of sea glass from Croatia in a classic design.

Aqua blue sea glass is a favorite color for many.  It can take on an icy clear blue or a more turquoise sea foam hue. This piece is a deeper intense color that is closer to sea foam. I have taken photos in various light conditions and on different backgrounds to give a sense of how this color can shift. This larger piece was found on a beach in Croatia. It has weathered to a smooth finish in an asymmetrical shape.

The sea glass has been drilled to mount to a smooth triangular 925 Sterling silver bail. The pendant comes with a 16" long Sterling silver box chain. I may have other chains available so message me if you wish to discuss an upgrade.